Michael Wood Photography

On-Set Production Stills

The Crooked Eye

         D.C. Douglas, Director


Starring: Fay Masterson with Katherine Boecher, Joe Duer,

D.C. Douglas, Clem E. Blake, Monnae Michaell, Ari Barak, Karen McClain, Robin Daléa



Gallery Info:

This gallery contains 760 images spanning 33 pages in 2 sections, one section for each day of shooting.  Click Index at the top of the individual image page to return to the multi-image view.


Click HERE to enter the gallery from shooting DAY ONE.


Click HERE to enter the gallery from shooting DAY TWO.


Note: The Crooked Eye is being shot on a green-screen stage.  Following shooting, extremely talented post production wizards will magically replace the green stage with amazing sets and scenery.  Until that happens, the background is, well, green.


Here’s a sample...

Photo by Michael R. Wood, Copyright ©2006, All Rights Reserved

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